Connecting with the Society

Hunger is felt by the king and the slave alike. I would modify the proverb aptly to say, hunger is felt by all living beings alike.
It is a no brainer that COVID 19 has proven to be an astronomical debacle and has affected the social and economic aspects of our world beyond our grasp. One particular fraternity which has been affected adversely and which needs us more than anybody else now are the horses and their owners. Horses are an integral part of a hill station called Matheran, which is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This hill station has a ‘no vehicles’ policy for the good of the environment and to give you a feeling of being one with nature. Due to this policy, over the years these horses have become synonymous with the name of Matheran. However, because of this pandemic and the restriction on tourism, these lovely creatures and their groomers are going through an awful period. There is a detailed article on the plight of these horses published in The Times of India on Apr 19, 2021. Considering this article my sister (Rida Khan) and I have pledged to aid the cause through an NGO ‘Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry’ (NESH).

We started a crowdfunding campaign and has raised around Rs. 4 lacs and was able to distribute 15,000 kg of fodder and 2,500 kg of ration. They took the help of an NGO, NESH, for this purpose. This initiative got an excellent response and was widely appreciated. It was also featured in Mid Day , Mumbai  and Times of India, and was covered by NDTV India.

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